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Pittsburgh Diaper Derby

Welcome to YoungLives Three Rivers

YoungLives is offering hope for a bright future to teen moms around the country - and across Pittsburgh! We believe that teen moms deserve to know what life can hold for them. YoungLives mentors are caring adult women who share that hope as well as fun and lasting friendships with girls and their babies. From club and camp to childbirth classes and other activities, teen moms will have a blast laughing, trying new things and being with other girls who are going through similar situations. They'll have the chance to talk to other girls about pregnancy and parenting, find resources for jobs, school, childcare, and baby items, get paired up with a mentor, and take time to just relax and be a teenager again.

The Role of a YoungLives Mentor

A mentor is a friend who walks with a girl through the good and hard times of becoming a mom.  She offers acceptance and support, and loves a teen mom right where she's at in her life. She becomes a trusted friend who models Christ's unconditional love and shows her what life is like when you are walking with Christ.

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